Types of Build Project

BuildTalk experts can help with any type of building project however large or small.  We've summarised the main types we advise on, but every house is different and our experts spend time listening to your unique needs before providing their impartial and experienced advice. 


Rear pod house extension

Rear Pod

Quick, easy space-makers that bring loads of light to a house. These extensions are usually uncomplicated and can meaningfully add to a kitchen, living area or even bolt-on a whole new room. While easy to build and planning isn't normally an issue, they totally transform the look and feel of a home and so if you're doing it then we say do it right! Talk to BuildTalk about the watch-outs, poor practices and easy wins now.

Rear Extension - Full

Rear Extension - Full

We love these projects. They totally open-up the house and create light-filled and wonderful living areas. We see lots of people under-investing in their design work up-front to save costs and end up being disappointed with the build. Talk to BuildTalk now to plan your Rear Extension properly. 

Rear Pod house extension

Rear Pod End

These satisfying additions quickly add a bedroom, a bathroom or extend the kitchen-living room. Loads of beautiful options are available for making this more than just a bolt-on but really a transformative addition to your house. Talk to BuildTalk to avoid this small addition becoming a big headache! 

Side Extension

Side Extension

The bread-and-butter extension improving houses across cities. Goodbye galley kitchen, hello light-filled kitchen-living room. Party walls, steel supports, planning permissions. How can these small extensions become such painful and expensive additions? Talk to BuildTalk now to make your Side Extension easy and beautiful.  

Wraparound / Side return for house

Wraparound / Side return

Often the most costly but equally very rewarding change to your home, this takes your single galley kitchen and turns it into a full living, socialising and dining experience for everyone to enjoy. They provide the space to create snug areas, play zones and social dining experiences from a kitchen island for everyone to hang out in. Talk to BuildTalk now to get this one right!


loft covnversion.JPG

Loft Conversion

The most obvious under-used asset of them all: the roof! But how can something so obvious raise so many questions: stair access, right lighting, insulation and planning. Don't worry. Talk to BuildTalk now to accelerate you're Loft Conversion and open up a whole new floor of your house!  

L-shaped Loft extension

L-shaped Loft Extension

L shape Dormers are very similar to a rear dormer conversion (90 degrees angled wall) but with an additional room over the rear addition / outrigger. An L shape dormer conversion can be achieved on Victorian / Edwardian houses & flats where a rear addition / outrigger is present to the back of the property allowing the dormer to extend over this area. The additional space over the back can be used as an extra bedroom, a study, a separate bathroom, a nursery or simply an even bigger en-suite or separate dressing room. Confused? You're not alone. Talk to BuildTalk now.



This is quite possibly the most common type of terraced house loft conversion. A dormer is an extension of your room beyond standard roof limitations. Generally built to the rear of the property, without the need for planning permission, it offers some of the most significant space gains through a loft conversion. Don't be fooled or filled with regret though. Talk to BuildTalk to make sure while you're 'up there' you're doing what's best for you and your house. Talk to BuildTalk now. 


Kitchen renovations and extensions


One of the most common questions we get are about kitchens, who is best to go to, what type of kitchen should I have and we feel our advice here can not only save you a lot of time, money and delays but also create something beautiful without the need for a budget that will get you to the moon! Talk to BuildTalk now.

Bathroom renovations and extensions


It looks so simple and beautiful online and in the showroom. A peaceful retreat for ablutions. So often they end up becoming damp spaces with low-quality finishes. Make sure your money and dreams don't get flushed down the loo. Talk to BuildTalk today! 

Joinery for house renovations and extensions


Joinery is building as it should be. Back to basics with wood. You want Ryan Gosling from the notebook. Don't get let down with shoddy planning and execution. Talk to BuildTalk now to set and manage your goals. 

Plumbing and Electrics for house renovations

Plumbing and Electrics

Mechanical and electrical elements within the home can be very frustrating, I don't have enough sockets, I wish I had a more powerful shower, can I move this light switch. We can help you navigate this without having to book in a builder to visit you for such a small issue, or if they are coming then making sure you get full value. Talk to BuildTalk now. 


Green Home improvements

Green Homes

Making your hour house greener and better for the planet are some are some wholesome, feel-good house improvements, so why wait? What's more, it lowers your energy bills too. The potential for greening is massive in most homes. Don't miss the opportunity now to go full-hog and create your planet-saving, wallet-friendly green home. Talk to BuildTalk. We're so passionate in fact that green-conversations are on us. Free. 

Roofing improvements


Most people aren't able to wait to fix their roof. You spring a leak, you fix it. But whether you're in a rush or have time to spare, talk to BuildTalk to make sure when you're up there you're doing it right and getting everything you need. Coming back at a later date is a pain in the back.  

Landscaping improvements


Whether your garden just needs new plantings or a complete refresh, it can be challenging to know where to start. Talk to us about concrete planters, decking systems, fencing (like the one your neighbour has and you really want it but don't know where to start), astro turf or faux grass...and yes you can hoover it! (great for kids). Talk to BuildTalk now!

Window and door house improvements

Windows and Doors

Windows are tricky because they are often bound by planning permissions / permitted development criteria so you become stuck between budget and what the local authority want you to do. Often small changes like hard wood choices to softwood sash windows for example can make the difference of up to 40% in cost.